Our work with professionals

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Helping professional golfers win, by offering analysis, meaning and context to their performance data. Using data driven decision making to help team captains make informed decisions in high pressure situations.

  • Pre Event Planning: Golfers are arriving at events underprepared due to travel, media and sponsor commitments so we provide them with pre event packs that give them a strategy and plan of action built from their own data and historical course data to be best prepared for their tee time on Thursday. (Rose / McIlroy / Spieth – particularly Rory at The Players, report.. on course work in practice days – wins )  
  • Scheduling: Players often face the challenge of deciding on a schedule to satisfy all of the commitments required of them as well as sticking to what’s familiar to them . We encourage them to think differently and look to play in events where the data and analytics suggest that the course will suit their game and optimise their chances for success. (Bjerregaard in the US this season- planned optimal schedule and is having best season ever)
  • Waggle / Post Round Analysis: Following the completion of events players find that they need some context and insight into their performance to allow them to learn from the weeks play. Using our proprietary software Waggle this allows them to log in and get instant analysis of their performance, adjusted for  the strength of the field and difficulty of the course. They can see all of their strokes gained metrics as well as their shot distribution, proximities and the traditional stats such as GIR and driving accuracy. ( ET Waggle)
  • Team Events – We have worked with the European teams at the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and are currently supporting the International team at the Presidents Cup (might have to omit this – your call Dan). Our constantly updated software app Captain allows the Captains and VCs to log in to track the ongoing statistical performance of all of the potential team members. We work on a consultancy level with the Captains using data to analyse and recommend potential wildcard picks, effective pairings and course set up for the impending match. In live we collector live shot by shot data on the course to give the Captain a real time window of the players performance to allow effective decision making as the event unfolds. (Paris, 2018)
  • Quarterly Performance Analysis – After collecting the data within Waggle the players require a deep analysis of their game in the form of quarterly reviews. This allows them and their team to work through the reports and plan how to action the points and recommendations raised by our analysts within the review. (Use Gallacher as an example – signed up, had report after couple of months , went on to win for first time in 5 years)

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