Our work with brands

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Using a data driven narrative to help brands tell their story, through the lens of on course performance.

Brands are under pressure to differentiate more than ever – gone are the days of sponsorship activation being restricted to brand exposure and general awareness. The introduction of big data to golf has given these brands a unique opportunity to activate their brand through the lens of decision making and strategic thinking in the high performance and high pressure arena of the world’s best golf tours.

Brands have an opportunity to leverage golf analytics to build a great narrative for storytelling – insights assist in generating credible, authentic and powerful storytelling narratives. Themes such as strategy, risk reward, planning & decision making are prominent on the golf course as well as in the corporate world

Relevant sectors include but are not limited to; Insurance, Consulting, Professional Services, Technology, Investment Management

For the brands we are working with, such depth of insight allows them to tell a relevant and authentic story and activate in a way that is so much more powerful than simply showing a logo. 

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